The relation between Development and Employment

India is still in its developing days and as the things are at present state, there is a long way before us, to claim ourselves as a developed country. Development is not a single organization thingy, it requires combined efforts and contributions of ambitious people. Here I am not talking about only Economic Development, I am comprising Socio Development, Intellectual Development. Generally, when we talk about development we only see it as an economic factor, and to some extent it’s fine, the reason being, the Economy connects to our standard of living.

The development has some basic structure which is essential for its fulfilment, which I describe as 3 E’s of Development namely Education, Employment, Evolution. Two of them are closely related to each other, Education and Employment.

Employment is an issue of effects produced by many factors like substitution with robots and machines, economic growth, industrial growth, agriculture, caste-religion system, population growth, hysteresis, global recession are just a few to name them. All these and other more also contribute to the GDP. But we are gonna talk about a specific cause, Education, and from my point of view, most important, not only for Employment but also for international affairs.

We as a privileged citizen of a democratic country always blame the government for unemployment and why don’t we. We chose the government for development of the country, so they are liable for unemployment, but only the government is not responsible, we are equally responsible for unemployment.

Well, this is a radical idea that common people are responsible for unemployment, we like to play blame games. For instance, an organization does not hire you, now there can be two scenarios, either the organization does not need more employees or they don’t want you. And now why don’t they want you? Because you are not as skilled.

There might be a little chance that the company don’t need hiring. But who doesn’t need good employees? In most of the cases, any MNC wouldn’t hire you because you are not qualified for the job. Now, who’s to blame the government?

Some may say that we have a degree and we are educated. But there’s a difference between education and knowledge. Only theories don’t work in real-life situations.

The third E of Development is for Evolution and I’m not talking about cyborg or something like that. Evolution in this context means that upgrading with the latest technologies and methodologies. It correlates to every aspect of life. Said that, not all upgrades are good, no one liked windows vista over xp. New methods should yield a better outcome.

I could either watch it happen or be a part of it, and every damn time, I would choose to be part of it.

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