On the bright side of COVID’19

Positive Impacts of Coronavirus on our ever changing World

This year has been tough, so much has happened since the beginning, we nearly initiated the WW3, thankfully it’s not occurring, Amazon rainforest wildfire, it was a total disaster, I don’t think it’s an easy task to compensate what we have lost there, and maybe all that was not enough so here we have a pandemic, COVID’19.

But in this blog, we are gonna outline some positive impact of COVID’19 because news channels are doing the contrary job, so let’s begin this with warm-hearted mood.

Lockdown has resulted in a tremendous and extraordinary act of healing, rejuvenating for mother earth, so I don’t have to tell you about the impacts on nature and environment rehabilitation, we can just skip, we should be addressing other important areas which are influenced by the pandemic.

The medical research has been accelerated and stimulated on a big scale due to this unfortunate emergency, a lot of establishments are conducting research for the vaccine, and I hope they will find more than vaccine because we all realize that one research leads to many discoveries. Hopefully, the new generation will get motivated to build their career in research, not limited to only medical. Other research areas are likewise doing their best to contribute to these moments of hardships.

Not only doctors and researchers but policemen are also doing their duty very well. The crime rate has been slashed by drastic multitudes, which should be maintained even after the lockdown ends, though there are still some rape cases which came into my sight, and that’s dreadful, but the situation is slightly better than before, nevertheless, it’s not tolerable even if there are few cases. Not to mention our brave policemen, who are laying their lives at risk and saving ours.

Innovations and Startups have taken a great jump in this pandemic. Delivery has been made manageable by the use of drones. Health tracking apps are doing their chore to keep you notified about your fitness. Robots are being used in hospitals to treat patients which make work easier for doctors and other health workers, who are saving the lives of millions by risking themselves. Money transfer companies like PayPal, Paytm allows you to transfer money without any physical contact. Also, many research startups are collaborating with institutes to cultivate vaccine and cure. Non-tech Company’s databases are being handled by the DBAs, Network engineers which allows us to access their websites and entertain ourselves at home.

Amid this pandemic, this was my endeavour to cheer you all up by pointing out some optimistic impacts, I know it’s difficult in these moments, but hope and faith are all that we can have right now while the people who can help with their capabilities are doing their deeds.

While all the celebrities, reel-life heroes are stuck home, the real-life heroes are out there staking their lives for us.

Stay Safe, Stay Home

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

Student at IIT Madras and Hansraj College LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhinav-dubey-007001

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