This Blog covers different machine learning and deep learning models for the forecasting of Time Series Sales Data using different libraries like TensorFlow, Keras, pandas, sklearn, etc. You can find the complete code, models, plots, datasets here on my GitHub.

Walmart is an American multinational wholesale retail corporation. In 2014, Walmart released this dataset as a recruiting challenge, well I am pretty late for that but I am hopeful :)

Let’s go over a brief definition of Time Series —

Time Series

Time series is a series of data points recorded over even intervals in time. For e.g; Weather records, Sales records…

Loosely based on the research paper A Novel Statistical Analysis and Autoencoder Driven Intelligent Intrusion Detection Approach

Features of NSL-KDD Dataset, Image Source —


The NSL-KDD dataset from the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (the updated version of the original KDD Cup 1999 Data (KDD99) is used in this project.

Machine Learning Models used

  • Linear Support Vector Machine (LSVM)
  • Quadratic Support Vector Machine (QSVM)
  • K-Nearest-Neighbor (KNN)
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)
  • Quadratic Discriminant Analysis (QDA)
  • Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP)
  • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)
  • Auto Encoder (AE)

Data Preprocessing

Data Normalization

  • Dataset had 43 attributes, attribute ‘difficulty_level’ was dropped.
  • 38 Numeric Columns of DataFrame is scaled using Standard…

Computational Number Theory is the study of computational methods for solving problems in Number Theory which includes devising algorithms for Primality Tests, integer factorization.

Made by WordCloud Python

A natural number (0,1,2….) which is also greater than 1 and has exactly one positive integer divisor other than 1, itself, is a Prime Number. Algorithms for determining whether a given number is Prime or not is known as Primality Test.

So why are we talking about Prime Numbers and Primality Tests? What’s so important?

Everyone in the computer science field knows about GSoC (Google Summer of Code) or at least have heard about it from a geeky friend. It was started in 2005 by the founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. It’s an annual program for university students(over 18 years) worldwide, in which Google provides Stipend to the students who successfully complete a free and open-source software coding project over the summer with one of the host organizations registered with the GSoC program.

So, today we are going to implement some web scraping program using python to classify the Organizations which are…

Search of clean, cheap, sustainable Source of Energy for Future Generation

Hydrogen gets its name from the Greek words Hydro — means “Water” and Genes — means “Forming”. Hydrogen is the lightest element in the periodic table and the most abundant chemical substance in the universe. It powers our precious Sun. It is Odorless, Tasteless, Colorless and Flammable Gas.

Hydrogen is called Green Hydrogen when it is produced by the electrolysis of water (H2O) and broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms using an electrolyser and the electric current produced by a renewable source such as Solar Cell or Wind Turbine…

The first image of Black Hole at the centre of Galaxy M87 using Event Horizon Telescope

Blackhole is like a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner in space that sucks out the matter from the fabric of space-time. Okay, that’s only an analogy, the true definition goes like this, a region in space-time where gravity is so massive that nothing can escape from it, not even light.

Birth of black holes are the perfect example of a life cycle, a big star fall upon in itself, collapsing under the force of its own gravity. This gravitational collapse occurs when the internal pressure of the body is unable to counteract on its own gravity and results in a supernova…

Imagine its European 19th century and you’ve committed a serious crime, don’t worry just imagine, at that period of time execution, hours of solitude in filthy cells, deportation, penal bondage were the punishments, and the prison systems were awful.

There were protest and social movements demanding to help and reform the prisoners, instead of brutal punishments, led by many social-religious groups, celebrities, philanthropists such as Jhon Howard, Charles Dickens.

Positive Impacts of Coronavirus on our ever changing World

This year has been tough, so much has happened since the beginning, we nearly initiated the WW3, thankfully it’s not occurring, Amazon rainforest wildfire, it was a total disaster, I don’t think it’s an easy task to compensate what we have lost there, and maybe all that was not enough so here we have a pandemic, COVID’19.

But in this blog, we are gonna outline some positive impact of COVID’19 because news channels are doing the contrary job, so let’s begin this with warm-hearted mood.

Lockdown has resulted in a tremendous…

India is still in its developing days and as the things are at present state, there is a long way before us, to claim ourselves as a developed country. Development is not a single organization thingy, it requires combined efforts and contributions of ambitious people. Here I am not talking about only Economic Development, I am comprising Socio Development, Intellectual Development. Generally, when we talk about development we only see it as an economic factor, and to some extent it’s fine, the reason being, the Economy connects to our standard of living.

The development has some basic structure which is…

It bothered me for a long time, and it still does, that what will happen if an asteroid would come to earth to destroy us like the one destroyed the whole species of Dinasours and it gives me great relief that our Government had not done a single thing about it.

Well in 2018, NASA, National Nuclear Security Administration collaborated to produce Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response (HAMMER) satellite to deflect a big asteroid or chunk it into small asteroids. …

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